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Brazilian Natural Amethyst Scepter Crystal Quartz Rough Reiki Healing

Brazilian Natural Amethyst Scepter Crystal Quartz Rough Reiki Healing

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. **Origin and Quality:**
- Originating from Brazil, this amethyst root is described as stunning and high quality. Brazilian amethyst is renowned for its vibrant and deep purple hues.

 **Large Size:**
- The crystal is noted for its large size, making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to any collection.

 **Phantom Lines:**
- The mention of gorgeous amethyst phantom lines adds an extra layer of beauty to the crystal. Phantom crystals are those that have a ghost-like image of a crystal within them, often formed during interruptions in the crystal's growth.

 **Dragon Tooth Scepter or Amethyst Root:**
- The crystal is referred to as a dragon tooth scepter or amethyst root, highlighting its distinct formation. Scepter crystals have a larger crystal atop a narrower stem, resembling a scepter or rod.

**Individual Growth:**
- Noteworthy is the mention that these crystals grow one at a time in their own form, distinguishing them from crystals formed in clusters. This individual growth pattern adds to the crystal's uniqueness.

**Collector's Item or Gift:**
- The crystal is suggested as a wonderful addition to any crystal collection or as a fantastic gift. Amethyst, known for its spiritual properties, is often treasured by crystal enthusiasts and can make a meaningful gift
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