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"Create Enchanting Moments with Magic Wand-Controlled Harry Potter Floating Candles!"

Transform your space into a land of magic and warmth with a set of 20 flickering flameless Harry Potter floating candles. These candles, along with the 164FT clear fishing rod, allow you to effortlessly create a magical Harry Potter floating candle effect anywhere in your home. The soft, warm white light these candles emit creates an enchanting atmosphere, making them ideal for enhancing your home decor, parties, weddings or Christmas celebrations. Harry Potter Floating Candles

**Magic Wand Remote Control:** Harry Potter Floating Candles

Unleash your inner wizard with the 14-inch magic wand remote control included in the set. This quirky accessory adds a fun and fantastical touch to your decor. Click the switch button on the wand to effortlessly turn the candle light on and off. Unlike other models, we added a separate button to activate the bar light. Add an extra layer of magic to your experience by holding down the middle button to light up the wand itself. Harry Potter Floating Candles

**Improve your Wand Skill:** Harry Potter Floating Candles

Our unique wand-controlled candles offer more than just remote functionality; It gives you the opportunity to practice your magical skills! Keep improving your wand technique to unlock more candles, turning it into an enjoyable and creative activity. Hold down the button on your wand to slow down your spell for better control and to light more candles. It's a fun way for kids to spark their creativity and compete to become the most powerful wizard.

**Convenient and Easy to Use:** Harry Potter Floating Candles

The 0.6"(D)×5.9"(H) Harry Potter Floating Candles come with 20 adhesive hooks and 164FT fishing line for versatile hanging options. Use the provided hooks to hang them in areas where you don't need to remove them frequently. Explore the creative possibilities by hanging them on your Christmas tree or finding unique displays in your home. Harry Potter floating candles are also perfect for shelves and tables, adding a touch of magic to any corner. Harry Potter Floating Candles

**Versatile Indoor Decor:** Harry Potter Floating Candles

Make this holiday season truly special with our magic candles, perfect for Christmas decorations. Light up your Christmas tree, porch or living room with a magic trick that will fascinate onlookers. Be the talk of the town and transform yourself into a real magician with real magic on your street. Don't miss the magic ✨🕯️✨ Harry Potter Floating Candles


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